Friday, July 31, 2009

The Eagle has Landed

Arrived at the point of debarkation at 4:15 pm today, which was the same place as the point of embarkation. The final trip was from Lander WY to Park City UT, was approximately 320 miles. I crossed the UT border by heading west, then traveled south, and then re-entering WY at Evanston. I stopped to see Lee, but really didn't get much chance to converse because he was busy with customers...but it was nice to talk with Rusty.

The final days travel was very pleasant while in WY, and the weather was exceptionally nice - very cool and not windy. I stopped to make a bike adjustment and a man approached me asking to take my picture...of course I obliged. There were many people that took interest in my travels, and I thank them for showing their curiosity.

As you can see from the picture, total miles traveled was 2,693.7, which was 6.3 miles short of the projected 2,700 miles. I could have rode to make it to 2,700, but thought that would have been a cheap way to finish the trip. Sorry for the lousy picture of the speed-o-meter, but it is sufficient.

I anticipated the final day of travel from the time I arrived in Lander WY - my final night on the road. When I arrived in Lander the weather was horrible, and it had raining from the time I departed Douglas WY. When I departed Douglas it was a whopping 48 degrees, and at times during my travel it sleeted. Being hit in the face with rain is bad, and being hit in face with sleet feel like bee stings. I purchased a full face helmet in Casper WY only because the one it took with me remains somewhere in SD. I thought I had it strapped down correctly, but lost it on my way to see Crazy Horse.

I also lost my log book used to keep track of all my stops / fuel / personal contacts / and ham radio contacts I made along the way. Fortunately I had back up copies of the ham radio contacts, and will be sending those who I made contact with a Discovering America QSO card. I would have lost my head had it not been permanently attached!

Would I do it again? It is difficult to be away from home for this long a time, but that is the price of adventure. There were days when I thought I must be nuts, and would much rather be home. But I had so many supporters from home, and those I met along the way, that I realized the trip was worth it. It was the support of everyone that made even the worst of days bearable, and give inspiration to move on.

Thanks to AYL for their coverage of my trip - what a superb presentation. And thanks to The Public Opinion (Watertown SD newspaper) for their story. And of course special thanks to my wife and family for being supportive in my adventure. And to all those who followed my travels, and made posts to the blog, thanks!

I must start preparation to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest ATV trip. It currently stands at 16,400 miles (give or take a few miles), and it will require a bit more planning - just kiddin'... or am I.


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  1. No, you are not!

    I enjoyed reading your adventures and glad you are home safe and sound. Well done!