Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Devil made me do It!

Today I hobbled from Belle Fourche SD to Gillette WY to have my ride repaired. I didn't mention that to change out the belt in the field required a bit a innovative mechanics, and as a result a piece of metal used as a bolt extension remained in the secondary clutch. The belt I had on board was a bit small (functional but small) which caused the belt to ride deeper between the plates on the secondary clutch. Sooooooo...$276 dollars later I had a new belt installed, and both primary and secondary clutch were dissassembled, greased, and re-installed. All systems are a go.

I was very nervious about driving nearly 200 miles with the mechanical issues, but I really had no choice. I should be able to make it home without any issues. Prior to arriving in Douglas WY, I stopped at Devils Tower. It truly is a wounderful site, and I am happy that I took the time and detour to make the visit.

I am currently in Douglas WY for the night staying at a KOA. I like to reside where other people are, because it gives way to conversations. As usual, many people like to converse about my ATV, and today was no exception. Mark and Susan from Springfield MO were interested enough that they followed me into the Devils Tower parking lot to ask questions. A half hour later we went our seperate ways. They were very nice to talk with, and I told them I would give them a plug for the Cursin '66 Cycle shop in Springville.

Tomorrow I hope to get to Lander WY, or further if time permits. I am not to optamistic about the weather, as I have heard that there was a 60% chance for rain. In fact, the 60% chance for rain applies to this evening as well. Oh well, will just have to work through it and make the best of it.

Will keep you updated!!!

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  1. St. Francis swimming hole to Devil's tower. Hmmmmm.

    Glad you got your ride fixed. Been chatting with the Tamster knowing you were hobbling along. Think St. F must have hopped on for the journey.