Friday, July 3, 2009

2 Meter Communications Check

An integral part of the communications plan is 2 Meter ham radio. There are so many 2 meter repeaters it made sense to use this band as part of my general, and emergency communications plan.

I currently have 26 repeater frequencies programmed into the ICOM 2200H based on each travel leg. Today I completed installation of the 2M antenna (which is slightly visible in this picture) and completed a radio check. I don't remember the station call (my bad) but was informed that my signal was clean and I had no problem hitting the 146.620 Salt Lake City repeater from my location.

I hope this weekend to pull the Yaesu 450-AT out and try some contacts on HF (20M/40M). Yesterday I finally received all component parts to the BuddiPole antenna which will be my HF antenna system. I did set-up the antenna today (test only - no radio connected), and it took about 3 minutes to set up. It is without question an extremely easy antenna to set-up (I set it up in a Dipole configuration). I have had the pleasure of speaking with N6JKH who was using a Buddipole in California, and have subsequently heard several stations making contact with the same antenna.

When the HF Communications Check is complete I will post the results.

73 from KE7WUI


  1. That's some serious technical jargon that I don't really understand! Breaker Breaker one niner, over, ten four rubber duck.

    It's getting close! And I am excited for you! I hope that it is everything you hope it to be. =) Love you.

  2. E gads...that CB talk and it don't have a place here sister!!! I am excited also. Will post a new page this weekend. XO Dad.

  3. Ha Ha, shows how much I know. I look forward to the new post. =)