Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wyoming - There is beauty in all Things!!!

I figured I had better take a few shots along the way, even if there ain't much to take pictures of. I am sure that when I start my trek back through the northern part of the state it will be a much better picture story.

Finished yesterday in Newcastle WY. Not a very large spot on the map, but seemed a reasonable place to hang my hat before entering SD. Wyoming...indescribable, at least the parts I have seen thus far. There is a standing joke in my family about camping in Wyoming, and it is that no matter where you camp you will awakened by trains. Last night I camped adjacent to a major thoroughfare for trains. A train passed through on average every twenty minutes. The rumbling of the train is one thing, but I didn't need to be reminded of their presence by them blowing their horn.

I got up at 05:15, took a shower and brushed my teeth with a morning surprise - Cortizone 10 Plus! While it may be the itch medicine doctors recommend, it doubt it has been approved by the American Dental Association for use as a dentifrice. Well, at least my teeth won't itch!

I move into South Dakota this morning and look forward to seeing the hills again. I may have to spend a whole day/night there because of a slight change in plans, that allows me a bit more leisure time.

Will keep ya posted.


  1. Ha Ha Ha, I really got a kick out of the teeth brushing mis-hap. I managed to stay up long enough last night to watch AYL and it was GREAT! =) Lynnie called me and said she especially liked the part where you talked about mom and showed a couple of her pictures. We are all excited for your journey and are keeping tabs on your blog often. I was glad to see a new post and hope that today's journey proves to be a little more scenic. Love You.

  2. Thats good that your teeth aren't itchy! I hate it when that happens! :) It looks like your making great timing on your trip so good luck and godspeed...

  3. I now live in Watertown SD where I was born, however I lived 23 years in Casper Wyoming and have to say that even though you apparintly think Wyoming is hell, you should have used your four wheeler to take the back roads. Yes the wind blows, I laugh when people complain about the wind here, they have no clue what wind is as a common sight in Wyoming is an overturned truck, mobile home or camper. It takes an incredibly hardy person to endure the harsh conditions in Wyoming, but get off the highways and it is hard not to wonder in the splendor it has to offer.