Saturday, July 25, 2009

With Family & Friends

Last night gave a great opportunity for a silhouette picture and I captured this shot to the west. Shortly after this picture was taken the sky darkened and the night sky made its way in. The evenings have been quite cool, and the humidity has been has been quite comfortable even during the day as well. It has not been as hot/humid as I thought it would be, and certainly nothing like southeast Asia. Perhaps this weather pattern will hold as I make my way west tomorrow.

Early this morning gave way to fog that started lifting as I looked southwest towards the airport. It was quite cool and comfortable on the shady side of the house, and I suspect at this hour of the day it would be on sunny side as well.

Yesterday was spend with family. We started with nine holes of golf at the Country Club, went out to dinner and took in a movie. Time flies when having fun, and the departure set for tomorrow has come much to soon. Today I will take some time to visit a few friends that I have not seen yet while here - getting older and not sure when I might make it back this way again.

I would like to say longer, but I have to get back home and fortunately work as well. I look forward to heading west and spending a nights rest at Devils Tower in WY. While it might sound to be at odds with previous posts, I do look forward to Wyoming (hope to see a few customers along the way), as it takes me closer to home.

Will keep you posted as I make my way home.



  1. Hey Frank,
    Dont know if you will get this, But I think what ur doing is Awesome !!!!

    Bob @ Master Muffler

  2. It's gorgeous there, great photos! Silos, fields and doesn't get any better than that in my opinion. We miss you here, and look forward to hearing all the stories you have to tell when you get home. Love You