Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arrived in Watertown

I arrived in Watertown at 3:30 today (7-22), and it was a wonderful site as I crested Harmony Hill heading north on highway 81. It felt like this leg of the trip went the quickest, perhaps because I knew that I would soon be in my hometown. Despite having lived in Salt Lake City for the last 29 years, I still consider Watertown & South Dakota to be my home.

This has been a long trip, which has culminated in a total of 1432 miles to date. While there are more direct routes from Salt Lake to Watertown, I did have to make a few adjustments along the way that added to my mileage. I missed a few turns in Wyoming trying to find dirt roads, and a few detours on the highways all added to my mileage as well. And yes, during my travels I managed to miss a turn or two because I was enjoying the scenery - but I didn't get lost!!!

Will update as new information becomes available. I will be spending the next few days resting and enjoying the company of family. I plan to start my departure from Watertown on Sunday morning. You can also view the AYL segment about my trip on Youtube by searching for 2700 Mile ATV Adventure. My wife said I can aad a link, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Thanks for all your interest in my adventure.

Till next time - chow!!!


  1. No man EVER gets lost! Enjoyed the ride with you so far. Be safe, we miss you. Betty & Rich

  2. Is your Behind sore yet? Watch out for those South Dakota grasshoppers, they are like small rodents and not very tasty when you eat them going down the road. Keep the rubber side down.
    Regards, Bob Janousek

  3. Frank
    This Bob from Master Muffler You gotta hava a sore Back side. I am impressed I think its really cool that your doing this. If I were nuts I might try iy myself. Keep on keeping on and get home safe