Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Departure

Finalized loading at approximately 9:00 am at the point of embarkation, and headed out on this adventurous journey. What can be said about the Utah High Uinta Mountains that has not already been said. Stopped at Mirror Lake for a short break, took a few pictures and headed back out on the road. Goodbye Utah and hello Wyoming.

Wyoming...I don't want to say anything bad about Wyoming because I return next week. But truth be said, there really isn't much to see between Evanston and Riverton - but the people were sure nice, and inquisitive about my journey. I did make one discovery, one that I have never read about, and it must pertain ONLY to Wyoming - no matter which direction I was traveling, the wind was always hitting me from the side. If I made a turn into it, it somehow managed to turn as I turned. Truly amazing!!!

I depart this morning to Newcastle WY for a layover. I hope as I make me way towards SD the scenery will change a bit, and perhaps the wind will be my friend. Yesterdays travel rounded out to 412 miles...much more than I had planned for, but with detours and a few missed turns it was expected.

Well, I am off and will keep you posted. I will add pictures along the way.


  1. Hey Dad! Sorry to hear that there isn't much to look at, but I am sure it is a beautiful experience none-the-less. I hope that your trip today isn't as tedious as yesterday's and that you were able to get some rest last night. I don't know about everyone else, but we have comcast, and the effin' British Open is on all morning, so we won't get to see the program until 1:30. But we are looking forward to it. Hope you have a great day. Love Ya.

  2. Frank, Hope you are off to a great start!! I look forward reading your progress. I just returned from Thailand & a short visit to Malaysia. Glad to be home for a couple of weeks. Anxious to visit with you in October (Tami too)! Safe Travels - Carl

  3. Hey Frank! Good to hear you are on the road and your great adventure. Pee Wee would be proud. We'll be right beside you as we read your posts. Maybe we can shield some of that wind coming sideways. Happy Trails!

  4. Thanks for all the interest. I will update the Blog tomorrow morning prior to departure from Newcastle WY. Today was a good travel day (320 miles or so), but I might make a day/night of it in the Black Hills. It isn't a scheduled layover, but due to unforeseen changes in plans, I will have a bit of extra time. Lots of people interested in my adventure along the way...they think my way of travel is cool.

  5. I just finished watching AYL..It turned out awesome. Have fun..I'm excited for the updates.

  6. Hey Fruitcake! Quit saying there's nothing to look at in Wyoming! After all look how many years I had to look at you (And vice versa)! I've been thinking about your trek (hint of jealousness) but, proud you are my friend. "Drive on" Pal

    Liver Lips!