Sunday, January 10, 2010

A new journey Begins

Hard to imagine it has been six months sense I returned from South Dakota. For personal reasons, the trip I took has etched it's emotional attachment deeper than I would have imagined. Not so much the travels, but the time spent at home with family and enjoying what time remained together.

And now I plan for a new journey...but it won't be as energetic as the previous trip. This will be a simple and local trip, but a fun adventure none the less. I tried to make it to Goblin Valley several times during the past three years, but never did make it; perhaps I will try again. Because I can travel on the highway system, it will be easier to make the destination a reality. I still plan on using the off-road trail system as well, but I am afraid that snow in the mountains may make it difficult during the month of May.

My last trip in late May and early June was challenging to say the least. Making my way through the mountains between the Piute Reservoir and Panguitch Utah I was treated to a early summer snow storm while high in the mountains. But those type trips are the ones most remembered.

Will keep updating as I move closer to May, and I anticipate this trip to take place sometime mid to late May.

But I might head west this time. Head out to see Topaz, UT, and then continue to go west into Nevada. I have a mapped trip heading that way as well. Will decide soon.

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