Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why in the World?

If you look back on man's achievements, and don't take them for granted, you will better be able to understand, and perhaps answer the Why question yourself. Consider for a moment the art of flight. When the Wright Brothers decided to build an airplane, I think the most often words emitted from the curious spectator would have been "Why in the World"! I could be wrong in my assumption, but it had to have asked at least once. And once was enough to invoke a stream of answers to the curious onlooker, who might, or might not understand.

On the surface, the answer to the question is - Why Not. When I am asked the Why question, it invokes a stream of answers; some based on the excitement of the flight, and some based on the emotion, the expectations, and uncertainties of the journey. It will undoubtedly be the only such flight I take, but I hope it invokes a litany of memories not only for myself, but for those I meet along the way.

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