Saturday, May 16, 2009

Test Drive

Today was my Test Drive. I put the 14" rims and new tires on the ATV and headed south to Highway 68 near Lehi, UT. After off-loading, I did a few preliminary checks to insure that all systems were a go, to include checking lug nuts.

This was a perfect spot to test drive, as the road speed limit is 45mph in the residential area. Traffic was lite, the skies were clear, wind was calm, and a wonderful 65 degrees. I started to head south on Highway 68 keeping me speed in check. The bike handled wonderfully, but I did notice some yaw on parts of the road that had been patched. Keeping a firm grip kept the bike in check and I soon felt comfortable even with the yaw.

Proceeded south and the speed limit changed to 55mph. While the speed limit for an ATV is 45mph in Utah, I moved to the posted limit to get a feel for the bike. Again, it performed flawlessly, and seemed to smooth out at higher speeds - the yaw disappeared. The ride was extremely quiet, and all I could hear was the hum of the engine and sound of the exhaust.

I continued south on Highway 68, and then headed east on Highway 6 to Santaquin, UT. I pulled into the local gas station for a fill up, and the conversations soon began. I was approached by five local gentlemen, with whom I spent nearly a half hour talking about my modifications, and planned trip to South Dakota. Each gave me their support; had a cup of coffee, and started towards home.

After loading the bike, I stopped at a gas station for a fill up. I wanted to determine what my gas mileage was, which I figured it had to be better than what I was getting with standard ATV tires. My average with standard tires was 24-25 mpg, but with highway tires it jumped to nearly 31 mpg.

My next test run will include the trailer.

That's it for today...will keep you posted.

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